B Phillip York

Is deliberately bad writing advisable?

Some people are stupid.  They don’t have a good vocabulary.  They don’t speak “proper” English. But in writing, and other forms of media, cinema, and television, dialogue is snappy, it’s vivacious, people use withering comebacks and adroit insults, they quote scripture or famous plays or books and other characters know the quote. People engage in …

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Speculative Fiction vs Fantasy and Science Fiction

I like to think that there is some value to writing about people living in space, or in worlds where magic works.  Reflecting on the human condition, what it means to experience the universe, even the enduring question of consciousness, human consciousness, might be putatively valuable when we’re confronted with the specter of general artificial …

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Covid Time

2020 seems like it has lasted something like 40 years so far.  Every month, every week, sometimes even every day seems to bring some new nightmare.  My home, Oregon, is virtually on fire, and the Air Quality rating through most of Portland has been staying at levels marked dangerous or hazardous or avoid for days, …

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