B. Phillip York was born in Seattle, Washington just three days after the eruption of Mount Saint Helens.

Since then he has lived in Boulder, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Waipahu, Hawaii; San Diego, California; and finally returned to his home in the Pacific Northwest.  He currently lives near Seattle, with three dogs.

Along his journeys Brian has worked as a Journalist, Barista, Wal-Mart Associate, Assistant manager of a cafe Nordstrom, Transcriptionist, Residential counselor at an assistated living home for severely and persistently mentally ill adults, accounting consultant, Finance Director of a Nonprofit, and Freelance writer.

In 2011 he returned to school at Highline College, earned an Associate and Arts, then went on to Seattle University to earn a degree in Business Administration and then a Master’s degree in Accounting.

He has always had a passion for literature, especially speculative fiction, and is currently bringing the worlds he has always imagined to life.