Magic: the Gathering

I wanted to share with you that I now write about Magic: the Gathering at, specifically the variant of the game called commander.  I’ve played magic for a long time, and I think it has some interesting philosophical worldbuilding that mostly flies under the radar. In 1993 Wizards of the Coast premiered a game … Read more

Magic Ought to be Magical

Magic should be Strange and Wondrous, not Mundane and Prosaic Ancient scientists lacked the scientific method, but they still attempted to explain the world around them. In this sense they weren’t scientists, rather they were seers and sages, and it is worth noting the distinction. People want explanations for things, and they often see purpose, … Read more

Creating a Lexicon


Having a specific or set lexicon for a work of fiction, especially speculative fiction, can be a highly useful tool.  It can provide clues to setting, characterization, motivation, and emotion subtly.  It can provide a sense of strangeness, distance or closeness, as well as time, simply through choosing words.  You can also unearth old words, … Read more

A Twisted Mirror

I love fantastic and wondrous stories.  Since I was very young, I was entranced by stories of chivalrous knights and fair ladies and slaying dragons.  Stories about spaceships whizzing about and people shooting lasers and blasters.  These stories enabled me to escape the dreary circumstances of my life into a world where anything seemed possible, … Read more